“I lost vision in my right eye while driving. All I could think of was keeping my baby safe."

Imagine you are driving with your 6-month-old baby daughter when you suddenly lose half your vision. Heart pounding, you manage to stop the car - then sit for 45 minutes as your eyes slowly clear and the tingling in your lips and fingers subsides. 

At 32, Kate was living a healthy, career-focused and loving life – despite headaches and occasional fuzzy vision.

But after the birth of her daughter Clara, Kate’s symptoms got worse. Following a frightening loss of vision while driving, Kate was finally diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

"I had no idea what it was; I Googled it,” says Kate, “then I had to stop myself because I didn’t want to make it worse. You think someone’s going to get it when they’re older, not as a young mum. I think that was the hardest part."

“This was all during COVID as well,” says Kate, “which was really hard because I couldn’t take anyone with me to a lot of the appointments.”

As Kate started treatment, the MS Society SA & NT's specialist MS nurses stepped in, offering her support and reassurance.

Like many people living with MS, Kate suffers terrible fatigue, especially during hot weather. Sometimes brain fog affects her ability to recall simple things or complete simple tasks.

For Kate, it meant the world to have someone who understood what she was going through.

“They’re always there for you,” says Kate. “When I started to get the numbness in my toes, I thought 'no this isn't normal, I shouldn't be feeling like this'. Then I spoke to my nurse, who told me, 'It's OK, you’ve had these symptoms before, you’re probably feeling a bit stressed, you just need to take some breaths’. She knew what was going on in my head.”

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