Why is my fundraising pending approval?

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Under the Collections for Charitable Purposes Act 1939 (SA) anyone wishing to collect money or hold a fundraising campaign to raise money for charitable purposes must be authorised to do so by an organisation that holds a licence under the Act.

Following your registration, the MS Society will follow up with any questions about your fundraising and send you a Letter of Authority to Fundraise. Once you have received this letter, we will approve your fundraising and you can get started!

You can also use this letter as proof that you are fundraising on behalf of the MS Society.

What if I don’t want to register to fundraise online?

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Every fundraiser will be set up with an online fundraising page. However, we can also provide you with the tools you need to collect cash donations. Contact us for more information. 

Can I have some Team MS branded promotional material for my fundraising?

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Yes – when you register your fundraising activity you will receive your free fundraising kit which includes posters, stickers, certificates and bunting. You can also order complimentary promotional material including balloons and information brochures. If your supplies are low, contact us to arrange for extra promotional material. 

Can I use the MS logo to promote my fundraising?

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If you wish to use the MS logo on any materials or products, you must get prior permission from the MS Society. Any printed materials or advertisements to be used in relation to the fundraising must be submitted to the MS Society for approval.

The MS Society SA & NT name should not be used as part of an event name in any way that could indicate that the activity is an official MS Society event. We can assist with wording to describe the relationship between you and the MS Society for all promotional material.

Recommended wording would be: ‘Proudly supporting the MS Society SA & NT’, ‘Proceeds to the MS Society SA & NT’ or ‘All funds raised are being donated to the MS Society SA & NT.’

Can I have an MS speaker at my event?

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An MS representative can be arranged to attend your event depending on availability. At least three weeks’ notice is required. Please note: not all requests will be able to be met due to limited staff numbers and some event locations.

How do I collect cash donations?

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The MS Society can provide tamper proof collection containers and receipt books for collecting cash donations. The MS Society should receive the funds raised within 28 days of the fundraising event/activity.

When do I need to give receipts?

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All online donors will automatically receive an email containing their tax-deductible receipt. Cash donors will be given the option of requesting a receipt through the authorised fundraiser for donations of $2 or more.

Do not issue a receipt if the supporter is receiving any goods or services for their donation. Examples of goods or services include: event entry, raffle ticket or sausage sizzle. These donations are not tax deductible.

Can the MS Society help advertise my fundraising?

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In many cases the MS Society may be able to post details of your fundraising to our Facebook page. This is subject to approval and availability.  

Can I speak to the media about my fundraising?

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As a fundraiser, you are not authorised to speak on behalf of the MS Society, but you can speak on behalf of the fundraising activity you are undertaking. Please ensure you make it clear to media that you are raising money in aid of the MS Society and that you do not represent the organisation (MS Society SA & NT). If the media require information about the MS Society, multiple sclerosis or comment they should contact our media team.

Can the MS Society help with my fundraising?

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Due to limited resources, the MS Society is not able to take a coordination role in your event or provide volunteers. The event or fundraising campaign including all financial aspects, fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management shall be conducted in your name and is your sole responsibility.

However, the MS Society can provide helpful advice and resources to help along the way. Contact us for advice regarding your fundraising. 

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