Walk For Wellness

By Walking For Wellness - Carolyn Cordon

OK, I'm taking my funds to the MS Society tomorrow

If you've been meaning to donate money for this cause, now is the time to do it, because tomorrow I'm taking my collection tin to the MS Society for them to count how much money is in the tin, and upgrade my fundraising amount. 

I've had a good time with this, and proud of myself,a nd thankful for the help I've received from others!
Walking for Wellness is now something I do, and do it with my husband and our dog Lenny, and so we are all walking to gain more wellness in out lives! Walking more is a thing I enjoy,and I have definitely been feeling more steady, and far less likely to trip and/or fall!
Many thanks to the MS Society SA & NT for getting me started with this project, with your Falls Prevention sessions, and in particular the lovely physio who introduced me to the idea of setting SMART Goals, which helped me to walk the distance I'd set for myself! 

Walking Challenge Met, Now For The Fundraising Challenge!

On October 8th, I walked from my place, to the Bridge over the Light River, on Redbanks Road, which was my initial challenge I set for myself, as my SMART Goal. 
Then I added another part to my challenge, which is to raise $1000 for the MS Society SA & NT. On this website, it shows my online donations, and I know there is probably at least another $150 or so in the collection tin the MS Society provided for this purpose, 
So I'm around halfway to my stated monetary goal, but I can't do that part on my own, I need help from others. If you can spare a few dollars, why not think about donating it here? 
The MS Society in our state do great work for people who have multiple sclerosis, I know I've benefited from their work in my time since being diagnosed with this illness in 2010. I've had assistance in a vareiety of different ways, most recently in the Falls Prevention program, where I was challenged to come up with my personal SMART Goal, which I did. 
Doing this walk was my Goal, and I am so proud to have done it. I may have done the actual walk on my own, but there were many others involved in the completion of this walk, from my husband and our dog Lenny, who walked with me on many days, and to the wonderful people who gave me encouragement and donations before I did this walk!
And of course I thank all who have already donated to the MS Society through this site, you are all wonderful people, and I appreciate what you have done!
There have been a few people who have indicated they would have liked to have done this walk with me, which makes me think perhaps this could become a regular thing, perhaps?
I'm happy to do such a thing again for sure, and will look further into this. If we can do it, the MS Society SA & NT will benefit, and the health of those walking will benefit as well!

Date of 'Walk For Wellness'

The planning for my fundraising event is still happening, but the big day will be 8 October.
It will begin with a walk, from my home, to a particular bridge, and back to my place. The distance is 5.2 km, and I would love to have people doing the walk with me - safety in numbers!

If the walk isn't possible for you, but you'd like to be involved, you can come along to the Mallala Hotel at 6,30, where I have a table booked, so come along, enjoy a great meal, and listen to me talking about my 'Walk For Wellness' event, why I did it, what is's all about, and what Multiple Sclerosis (MS) means to me, how it affects me, what I do about that, and anything else that I think of on the night!

MS has been an irritant in my life, but it has also lead me to a quite different life, and dare I say it, a bigger, and more important life ... The bad things in life can make or break a person, and I definitely feel my life has been mad bigger and better, in a variety of different ways. 

I'll be talking about such things at my 'Walk For Wellness' dinner in Mallala at the hotel, and I hope to have a good number of interested people there with me. 
The image below? that was from one of my too many trips/falls, my thumb - not broken, but sprained and ouch! very painful! 

If you want to do this walk with me, we will leave from my place at 4pm. contact me at kittycordo@gmail.com to find out more details.

I'm Back Onto the Training Again Today!

After a couple of days of being a bit lazy, I got out there walking again today, and it feels good! If I'm going to complete this challenge, I have to keep up with my training, until I can walk the required distance, and do it easily!
At the moment, I haven't walked far enough, but I certainly feel I'll be capable of doing it. Bur the proof of the pudding, etc! I have to walk it, to show myself, and others, that I can walk it! Walk the Walk and not just Talk the Talk!
Fit and Fabulous, that's my aim, not Fit but Frazzled! I'm hoping I can get a small team of others complete this walk with me, but if not, at lwast coming along to the Mallala Hotel on the night, for a meal and a bit of a talk from me, about the what and why of it all!
Raising money for the MS Society is a small thing I can do, to help them do the big things they do!

Things Are Really Moving!

I received my collection tin and a few promotional bits and pieces from the MS Society SA & NT in the mail the other day, and things are feeling like they're going places! I've put the word out on the MS Society page on Facebook, and a bit on Twitter as well. And I'll have my collection tin with me as I go about my day, out in my car, ready to chat about Multiple Sclerosis and how it is for me, and others. 

My MS is going well these past few years, because of the medication I use, and also the healthy and nutritionally sound food I eat, I expect, like the baked banana slices in the photo!

And now, with this extra walking I've been doing, I'm feeling better than I have for a long time. Well enough to walk from my place to the bridge and back, that's for sure. And then, on the night of my big walk, I'll be announcing what might come next!

Lenny has legs, and he walks with me!

Greyhounds love to laze around, but our boy Lenny goes walkies with my husband and I, often. He's a good walking companion, doesn't say much, and does his best to kill off weeds along our way! 
and then once we're home again there's some serious thinking done, in the prone position, so more blood gets to his brain. or some such thing!

I am Fundraising for MS!

I was inspired to do this fundraiser by the physios at the MS Society SA & NT Falls Prevention, to do something, set a SMART Goal, and do something bigger than my everyday ordinary things. 

A SMART Goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. So on my way home from the Falls Prevention event when the physio mentioned these goals, I set my own SMART Goal. 

I decided I would get in training so I could walk from my place, to a particular bridge, and home again. So I get stuck into the walking, doing a walk almost every day, and increasing my distance walked, so when 8 October comes, I'll be able to get there and back, and not collapse at the end! 

It's only 5.2 km, but that's further than I've walked for a very long time! I'm walking a bit further, and further most times, and I'm feeling confident I'll get there. And then, on the day, after I do that walk, I'll have a meal organised, and will be asking for donations for the MS Society. 

I'm feeling so fit and well lately, this walking is doing great things for my body and my inner health too!  Being outside with Nature and getting fitter and more toned, I love it!

In the meantime, I have a donation tin, and will be accepting donations between now and the event, and in the time after, before I return the tin to the MS Society! If you want to walk too, why not join me on my page!

The dog in the photo is Lenny, my sometimes walking companion, and laze-about-the-home Greyhound.

Event info Tuesday 20th September - 17:00
Mallala/Redbanks/Two Wells

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Walk on!


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Good luck with your walk and fundraising, Carolyn. And your writing, of course!


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Walk well, Carolyn!


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Congratulations Carolyn.


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Great job Carolyn Good luck with the fundraising. Am running my FP classes again October but at Mount Barker.kind Regards Sheila



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Good luck with the walk!