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Wear Red for MS in May 2021

Why I'm Raising Money for this Cause

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I knew very little about this disease. I know how it was affecting me, though, and I certainly didn't like that. 
I learned more about it though, and as I learned, I found better ways to do things, resting often, pacing myself, eating better, and exercising. 
I went from one medication to another, and am still on that one, Gilenya, and am glad about how well I am doing with this new easy to take medication.  One capsule once a day is much nicer that having to inject myself in the though muscle once a week! Ouch!
I am a writer, and having quiet times, where I can think about my writing suits me well, and writing about my new life with MS seems a natural thing to do. 
I was reading from the memoir I wrote not that long after my diagnosis back in 2010, including some of the poetry I wrote to complete that book. And I'll be out the front of the Prince Albert Hotel for the May Wear Red for a Reason event, when I will be working to raise money for the MS Society SA&NT.

Poets at the Pub - Prince Albert Hotel, Gawler

Prince Albert Hotel, 109 Murray Street, Gawler

I'm raising money to support people living with multiple sclerosis! I’m inspired by the work the MS Society SA/NT do for people living with MS, and I want to help them make a difference! Please sponsor me today by giving whatever you can. 

 Wear Red for a Reason... 

I am the guest poet at this Month's 'Poets at the Pub', held at the Prince Albery Hotel, Gawler. The Poets At  The Pub is your opportunity to enjoy works being read, your own verse(a gold coin donation for a timed read), participating in the five-word challenge, and talking to fellow audience members. The book raffle and the book giveaway should also be in operation for you to have or win some wonderful gifts/prizes. 

All welcome.

The readings this month will reflect the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) theme, with donations going to the MS Society of SA...

The more people that know about the MS Society, the greater the impact. So please spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you for your generous support, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Carolyn Cordon

Monies raised when fundraising at Prince Albert Hotel in Gawler and Gallery 14 in Hamley Bridge


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Carolyn Cordon


Carolyn Cordon


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