The Dirt 10th Anniversary - MS Fundraiser

By Anita Pavey

Anita's journey with MS

In a heartfelt endeavour to support one of their cherished team members affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the group is rallying together to organise a fundraiser. Their colleague, Anita Pavey, has been on a profound journey marked by resilience and courage in the face of this formidable condition, navigating through physical and emotional challenges with unwavering determination.

Since 2019, Anita has been living with MS, a diagnosis that emerged after what she initially perceived as just another optical migraine. However, her persistent pursuit of answers through numerous hospital visits, consultations with specialists, and a battery of tests, including lumbar punctures and MRI scans, unveiled the reality: she has relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS).

Anita's story is not just about her own struggle; it's a beacon of hope and guidance for others. She urges individuals to trust their instincts regarding their health and to seek medical attention if something feels amiss. Her journey underscores the significance of perseverance in obtaining a diagnosis, offering solace and clarity to those grappling with unanswered questions.

Now, Anita's focus is on embracing life one step at a time, enveloped in positivity and gratitude, cherishing each moment to its fullest and adhering diligently to her medication regimen. Though acknowledging occasional apprehensions about the future, she maintains an unwaveringly optimistic outlook, buoyed by the unwavering love and support that surrounds her.

Recognising the individuality of each person's experience with MS, Anita is committed to deepening her understanding of the condition daily and advocates for empathy and support from others. She sheds light on the prevalence of MS, affecting over 26,000 Australians and more than two million individuals worldwide. While a cure remains elusive, Anita emphasises the availability of various treatments aimed at managing symptoms and slowing disease progression, instilling hope in those who walk a similar path.

We're Fundraising for MS!

We're raising money to support people living with multiple sclerosis! We're inspired by the work the MS Society SA/NT do for people living with MS, and We want to help them make a difference! Please sponsor us today by giving whatever you can. Every little bit will help me reach my fundraising goal! 

The more people that know about the MS Society, the greater the impact. So please spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family. Thank you for your generous support, it means a lot!

Thank you to my Sponsors


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You inspire us with your optimism and resilience


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A great weekend, thank you! I will send photo evidence of Ray hard at work. We're already looking forward to next year's muster.


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Dirt 10th anniversary fund-raiser


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Sandra Taylor

Bless you Anita. My nephew has MS & Scoliosis since 5. He will be 30 yo soon. Quite an incredible and inspiring young man who has an extraordinary will to live life, to the fullest: just as you do. ⭐️



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Rachael Doherty

Best of luck, Anita!